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Best Temperature For Your Refrigerator And Freezer

You always want your food to stay tasty and fresh for as long as possible, and the best way to do that is to monitor your refrigerator and freezer temperatures. Attaining the best refrigerator temperature will avoid a lot of headaches and keep food fresh.

To keep ice crystals away and avoid bacteria growing, you’ll need your refrigerator to stay at or around 37 degrees Fahrenheit. For food in your freezer, you’ll need to keep things at a nice, icy temperature of zero degrees.

Now, that’s pretty easy, isn’t it? But most freezers and refrigerators don’t allow for so finely-tuned temperatures. So how do you adjust your freezer and fridge so your food stays fresh? Most refrigerators sold have non-digital controls with a series of numbers, often from 1 to 5. But even those pricier refrigerators with digital controls aren’t always accurate.

Consumer Reports tested many different refrigerators and found that some are spot-on with their temp controls. Most of the higher scoring models stay at or around 37 degrees. However, Consumer Reports also found that there are many refrigerators that are totally off the mark. With some, setting the temperature to 40 degrees is the only way to achieve the desired 37-degree mark.

thermometer for refrigeratorThe best bet for any consumer is to purchase a refrigerator thermometer, which are readily available online and at your favorite home store or center. You should be able to get within a degree or so of the perfect temperature, which means your food will stay fresh, safe, and very tasty.

As for your freezer, you’ll need to work a bit harder. Often, we forget about things put in the freezer, so taking an inventory occasionally will help you get the best out of your freezer and food. The rotation of food in your freezer should be changing every 3-4 months. Of course, some things may stay longer such as seasonal vegetables and large portions of meat. Frozen dinners should be rotated, though, to maintain freshness and avoid freezer burn.

When marking food to put in the freezer, make sure to include if it was raw or cooked and any other pertinent information. All of this, along with the date, will help you obtain the freshest item and keep the inventory up-to-date. Because digging around the freezer isn’t something we want to do, keeping a detailed—but easy—freezer inventory can save a lot of hassle and money. So, keep an inventory and your freezer at zero degrees to have the freshest and tastiest food.

For those with wine coolers, you’ll want to store your red wines between 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit and your white wines between 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, consult with wine professionals for different vintages but those temperatures are the standard.

If your refrigerator, freezer or wine cooler is not getting cold enough, contact us us today to schedule a service call and we’ll get your unit running at the optimal temperature the same day.


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