Common Signs Your Sub Zero Is In Need Of Repair

Sub-Zero ice dispenser repair job in MiamiDifferent foods require different temperatures and humidity levels to stay fresh and remain safe for human consumption. Did you know that storing raw meat in a drawer above your apples could cross-contaminate them if temperatures are not regulated properly? Most Sub Zero refrigerators are very good at keeping food separate, safe, fresh, and healthy. However, there may be some regulatory issues as your Sub Zero refrigerator ages. Sub Zero Repair in Miami can help with the following.

Crisper Drawers Are Not Preserving Food

In high end refrigerators like Sub Zero, you have drawers designed with their own temperature and humidity controls. Crisper drawers in these refrigerators should be set at the manufacturer’s recommended temp level and humidity level. If you have followed these instructions but find that your fruits and veggies are not lasting as long as they should, call for repairs.

There is a chance that some of the wiring inside the refrigerator is either disconnected or worn out. Then the temperature and humidity settings would stop working. There may be some other parts in the refrigerator that are not functioning as they should, too.

Everything Is “Soup” in the Freezer

Most Sub Zero side-by-side freezers maintain frozen food temperatures separate of the refrigerator. If your ice cream is “soup” and your meat is barely refrigerated, your freezer has a problem with the condenser, evaporator or refrigerant. One of our technicians will check all of these parts of the freezer to determine the cause. Then the technician will replace the parts and/or refill the refrigerant. That restores your freezer to its typical self, along with making your refrigerator side colder than it was before.

Buckets of Water Cover Your Kitchen Floor

Unfortunately, when you encounter tons of water on the kitchen floor, it could be one of three issues with your Sub Zero refrigerator/freezer.

  • The ice maker’s water hose is leaking or disconnected.
  • The ice maker is not making ice but taking on water and flooding.
  • The whole unit has lost its ability to freeze and refrigerate and the water is the result of everything melting and thawing out.

Thankfully, the first two issues above are easy enough to fix. The final issue is rather expensive because more than one part behind and/or underneath your Sub Zero unit is not functioning properly. It could also be completely broken.

Before our technician gets there, unplug your unit (if you can get to the cord!). Otherwise, turn off the fuse switch that provides power to your kitchen so that the area is safe enough for the technician to work. You can mop/wipe up some of the water too, but leave just enough behind so that the technician can see where it’s coming from.

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