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Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

Your refrigerator is one of the more used appliances not only in your kitchen but your home. Unfortunately, for many homeowners, there is hardly a maintenance schedule that is adhered to. The most that is done is cleaning up with any spills or removing spoiled foods and their offensive odors. However, refrigerators are complex machines with many moving parts, and a schedule will help prevent costly repairs. Here are some factors that you need to consider when it comes to the maintenance of the refrigerator, as well as a viable schedule to ensure that is running for years to come.

Regularly check the fridge’s door seals. The refrigerator works by insulating cold air – a draft will cause temperatures to drop and can cause a spike in your electric bill. You don’t want that cold air to escape. Make sure that the seals around the perimeter of your refrigerator doors are free of food residue. You can clean them every 4 to 6 months using a toothbrush with a baking soda paste. Baking soda will neutralize any orders, deodorize the seal, and help dislodge foodstuff. You can then wipe it away with a damp towel. Also, your seals may need replacement if a dollar can slip through. Put a dollar between the seals and the refrigerator’s frame. If you can easily slip out the dollar, then the seals may need replacement or servicing by a professional.

Condenser coils should be free of dust. If the condenser coil is riddled with debris and dust, then your refrigerator’s ability to keep cool will be compromised. Twice a year pull the refrigerator from the wall and inspect the coils. Vacuum out any visible debris. This is usually enough to remedy most problems. However, if the coil is hard to reach or cleaning them didn’t solve the issue, then contact a pro.

The right temperature also matters. The proper temperature to keep items chill is between 37 and 40°F. The freezer should be set at 0°F. Interestingly enough, the refrigerator works more efficiently when it is full of items. Thermal mass allows it to maintain low temperatures, with foods and drinks helping absorb the warm air whenever you open the refrigerator.

Maintenance Schedule

  • Every month wipe down the surface of your refrigerator with a mild detergent. Empty the ice as it can absorb odors over time and form blocks in the bottom of ice bins. Emptying ice bins once a month will ensure that your ice cubes stay smelling and tasting fresh.
  • On every third month inspect the doors and gaskets of your refrigerator. Soapy water with a mild detergent is enough to clean most grimy gaskets.
  • Twice a year replace the water filter and clean the drain hole. Scrub the drain pan.

Even the best laid maintenance plans can’t prevent problems 100% of time. If your sub zero refrigerator needs repair, give us a call today!

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