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Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Miami Beach, FL

It’s a hot day in Miami Beach. You finally get home after a long and exhausting commute, looking forward to a cool drink, and are greeted by a puddle of water on your kitchen floor. Your Sub-Zero refrigerator has decided to stop working in the middle of summer. Now what do you do?

Enter Sub-Zero Repair in Miami Beach, where all our technicians are certified in the repair of all your Sub-Zero refrigeration equipment, no matter what the problem may be. From a dirty coil to the worst blockage, all our work is guaranteed to put you back into a summertime mood. All our parts and labor come with a warranty for your peace of mind, and because we understand how frustrating it can be, we offer same-day service, even on weekends and holidays at no extra cost.

At Sub-Zero Repair Miami Beach, we are also experts in prevention. If your refrigeration equipment has suddenly started consuming more energy, if it doesn’t cool as well as it used to, if it emits strange odors, or your food has started going bad inside of the refrigerator, give us a call. We can fix any potential problem before it becomes a complete breakdown.

Sub-Zero Freezer and Ice Maker Repair

Are you having problems with your ice maker? Is the ice too big or too small? Maybe it’s not coming out at all! At Sub-Zero Repair in Miami Beach, we cater to all the refrigeration needs of both residential and commercial customers. No job is too big or too small. We will get it fixed fast, we will do the job right, and we will back it up with a fantastic warranty.

Sub-Zero Wine Cooler Repair

Never again will you have to watch your favorite bottles of wine go bad because of a cooler that decided it would be a good day to stop doing its job. We will make sure the problem gets fixed as fast as today. Our certified technicians make sure they carry a wide variety of parts to repair any issue on the spot, without having to go back and forth to find what they need. Just contact us and we will get everything sorted out for you as efficiently and quickly as you expect.

Authentic Sub Zero Parts

We are proud of our almost 30 years serving Miami-Dade County, and we showcase our pride and experience by stocking our vans with a wide assortment of authentic Sub-Zero parts. This ensures your satisfaction at our speed, but also guarantees the work we do. Forget about aftermarket parts that won’t do the job they should, at Miami Beach Sub-Zero Repair, we get the job done right the first time, and all the time.