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Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair in Miami

sub zero refrigerator repair miamiThere’s never a good time for your refrigerator to stop working, and when you need Sub Zero refrigerator repair in Miami, you often need it in a hurry. That’s why we’re here. Just call us to avoid spoiled food or water leaks across your kitchen floor. We’re right here in Miami, happy to help and ready when you call. We’re on call 24/7 for emergency service, and we don’t charge extra for weekends or holidays, because you can’t control when your fridge breaks down.

Our repair crews are experts at Sub Zero refrigerator repair. They’re certified and well-trained and have many¬†years of experience. They know everything there is to know about Sub Zero appliances, and they do the job right. We only use real Sub Zero parts, and we zero in on the problem right away. We’re fully insured and licensed, so you can feel a sense of relief when you call us.

Don’t start packing food in ice chests if your fridge stops working correctly. Just call us. In most cases, we can repair your Sub Zero on the day you call. In all cases, we work with your schedule. We know you’re busy, and we want to minimize the hassle of having a broken refrigerator.

Common Sub Zero Repair Issues

All refrigerators require a little bit of maintenance or repair at some point, and the same is true for Sub Zeros, even with their reputation for durability. A couple of more common repair issues for Sub Zero refrigerators are overheated compressors and issues involving the condenser coils. When a compressor is overheated, it may indicate a problem with the condenser, which can caused by something as simple as a dust buildup, or it may involve an overloaded relay. While these problems are serious, they’re ones we’re always ready to fix.

Other fairly common Sub Zero repair issues involve loose gaskets and problems with the drainage lines. The gaskets are those rubber seals that line the inside of your refrigerator door. If they become loose or disconnected, you can experience warmer temperatures inside your fridge or puddles of water due to condensation. That latter symptom also occurs if your drainage lines become dislodged or if your drainage pan breaks.

We know how to fix all these common issues, and we probably have the parts on hand already. Call us as well if you experience problems with a leaking ice maker, a failure to maintain the proper level of coolness, strange noises, leaking oil, or the feeling of heat around the edges of your refrigerator.

How Do You Know Your Sub Zero Refrigerator Needs Repair?

The first typical sign of a Sub Zero refrigerator that needs repair is food that’s getting warm or (in the freezer) starting to defrost. There are a lot of potential reasons for a refrigerator that isn’t cooling properly, and after you’ve checked the obvious ones (for instance, the door was open), it’s time to call us.

Frost buildup on the floor, walls or ceiling of the freezer is another sign that your refrigerator may need some repair. Puddles of water on the floor or a continuous drip or leak also indicates that it’s time to call us.

When your Sub Zero refrigerator needs repair, we’re the Miami experts you need. We offer same-day service, we give you a written estimate before we get to work, and all our parts and labor come with a warranty. Contact us¬†today for fast, professional Sub Zero refrigerator repair or maintenance service.