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Sub Zero Wine Cooler Repair

miami sub zero wine cooler repairIf you’re a collector of fine wines, you chose a Sub Zero wine cooler because you wanted the best. On those rare occasions when your Sub Zero wine cooler stops working, you want a response and repair in a hurry to protect your collection.

We’re here to help you, right in your Miami neighborhood, available 24/7 to solve the problem, and we work weekends and holidays without charging you extra.

Our work crews are certified in repairing Sub Zero wine coolers, and we use authentic Sub Zero parts for all our repair work.

If you find your wine starting to get uncomfortably warm, there’s no need to panic. Just give us a call. Typically, we’ll be able to show up on the same day you call, ready to get your wine cooler working properly again. Whether you’re prepping for a big party or serving wine in your restaurant, we’ll do everything we can to get your life back to normal again.

How Do You Know Your Sub Zero Wine Cooler Needs Repair?

The main way you can tell that you have a problem with your Sub Zero wine cooler is a change in the cooling temperature. Sub Zeros typically maintain a reliably constant temperature, but if something goes wrong, you’ll notice rising temperatures. In addition, you may find that the wine cooler isn’t holding the programmed temperature. Here in Miami, as the weather turns warm and humid during the summer, your Sub Zero wine cooler may have a hard time coping (just like the rest of us!). Call us if you suspect your unit is overheating. We’re Miami’s Sub Zero repair experts, and we provide same-day service so you don’t have to worry about damage to your fine wines. We’ll give you a written estimate before we start the job, and if we do the job you can rest assured it will be backed by a full warranty on both the parts and labor.

Common Sub Zero Wine Cooler Repair Issues

Even a Sub Zero wine cooler needs some maintenance or repair from time to time. One of the more common problems you might encounter occurs when one of the cooler’s fans isn’t working properly. We can spot that problem and repair or replace the fan to keep cool air flowing smoothly throughout the entire cooler.

Overheated compressors can be caused by issues as simple as dust buildup on the condenser coils. Overloaded relays can also be a source of these problems. None of these are problems you can deal with yourself, so give us a call.

Other problems that pop up from time to time in Sub Zeros are malfunctions of the thermostat or the temperature sensors — Again, something we’re well prepared to fix quickly. A loose gasket (that rubber seal lining the door) can also cause overheating; you may notice puddles of water under the wine cooler if this occurs.

Call us when any of these common problems occurs. We probably have the parts already on hand, and we’ll respond right away to get your wine cooler working again.