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Tips For Organizing Your Refrigerator

Have you just taken the time to clean out your refrigerator and are wondering how you will get everything put back into place in a neat, organized manner? Yes, there are specific areas for specific items – you shouldn’t just shove it all in. In fact, if you put a bit of effort into the process, you’ll find it’s easier to find items and less likely you’ll toss items out because they’ve gone bad.

Create a Strategy That Works for Your Needs

There are a few specific steps to take to ensure you get the best possible organization. A good place to start is temperature. The areas of your fridge that are colder, such as the lower shelves in the back, need to be utilized to hold items that need to stay cooler. At the same time, it’s important to put items that are safe to eat right now – like leftovers – up on top and items that must be cooked first, on the bottom. This ensures juices from meat, for example, don’t seep into the rest of your foods.tips for organizing your refrigerator

  • Start with the upper shelves. On these shelves, place leftovers (hopefully in covered containers) and drinks up on these shelves. This is also a good place for any items that are ready to eat, such as yogurt. If you don’t have a deli drawer, place your lunchmeat and cheeses here, too.
  • Next, the lower shelves need your attention. Again, place raw items on the lower shelves. These need to be kept colder and they also need to avoid dripping. It’s best to place a baking sheet under any items that could be worrisome. And, if your veggie drawers are under this shelf (which is most common) this tray is necessary to help protect them.
  • The drawers are an important place to store items, but don’t be fooled by those little levers on them. Drawers are the warmest part of your fridge. You’ll want to place items here that need moisture control but don’t need too much temperature control. This is where you should place your veggies. Fruits can go in this area as well.
  • The doors are just fine for holding items. However, you’ll want to use them for items that may not need to be refrigerated much. Choose this location to place your condiments, for example. Here’s an important tip – don’t place your eggs on the door. It’s too warm for them.

Now, there are a few other things to keep in mind. For example, if you do not hold onto a lot of produce, you can use one of your larger drawers for meat storage. This is a good idea because it can help to hold in any fluids but also keeps items contained.

When it comes to organizing your refrigerator after a grocery trip, spend a few extra minutes on the process. Specifically look for opportunities where you can move items that may be expiring towards the front of your shelves. Put newer product, especially produce, closer to the door. And, don’t forget to fill it up. You’ll reduce your energy bills if you keep your refrigerator more evenly full. If you are mindful of what you are buying and where you are putting it in the fridge, you’ll have no trouble keeping your family’s food safe and secure.

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